Speed test your internet

I recently got switched from VDSL+ to Cable and wanted to see if I was getting consistent speeds. So I setup a script to run hourly and hit up speedtest.net. I recorded the results in CSV and creating a gnuplot script to make a nice graph. My setup Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS VM running on byhve FreeNas 11 Wired connection with 1Gbps cabling and switching gear Speedtest-cli wrapped in a script to append to a log file gnuplot to make nice graph My sript was stashed in my home folders ~/bin/speed.

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The 10%

I used to think, "Give it 110%", was logically impossible. That was, until I realized I was applying the statement individually instead of as a whole. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Aristotle Unlike this comic by SMBC, that extra 10% does not come from some external sources. That +10% comes from a team of people cooperating towards the same goal. Next time someone tells you to give it 110%, put your team first.

Write in CoffeeScript and package in Javascript

--- layout: post title: Write in CoffeeScript and package in Javascript tags: coffeescript, javascript, npm --- Like using CoffeeScript and want to publish your NPM modules but write them in CoffeeScript? It is actually really easy to do. { . . . "main": "build/index.js" "scripts": { "prepublish": "coffee --bare --compile --output build lib" }, . . . } `prepublish` is run before a `npm package` command. The one above compiles the contents of `.

The importance of tests first in TDD

I see a common mistake with lots of people new to TDD and unit testing in general: Tests that appear to pass, but really do not. I have seen a few different ways this can happen: Flat out testing the wrong conditions for passing. Not understanding how the test framework is asserting. Trying to test for too many things in one test, missing the important state for passing. Lazy test, that is written to always pass to get green bar.